It is with great pleasure that Novartis Sverige AB would like to invite to a virtual meeting with Dr. Heather Shaw from the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre (Northwood, UK) and University College London Hospital (London, UK) as a speaker.

The overall meeting objective is to provide education about optimal patient management practices with focus on adjuvant treatment of malignant melanoma. Treatment decision rationale, as well as patient preparation and AE management will be discussed on an interactive clinical case session.

This virtual meeting is intended to HCPs (oncologists, specialized physicians and nurses) that treat malignant melanoma patients as part of their clinical routine.



Virtual meeting (Microsoft Teams)



Dr. Heather Shaw

Mount Vernon Cancer Centre and University College London Hospital (UK)



Dr. Gustav Ullenhag

Institute for Immunology, Genetics and Pathology

Akademiska sjukhuset (Uppsala, Sweden)


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17:00 – 17:20
Adjuvant Melanoma Patient Management
Lecturer: Dr. Heather Shaw
17:20 – 17:30
Discussion from lecture
Moderation: Dr. Gustav Ullenhag
17:30 – 18:25
Adjuvant Melanoma Clinical Cases: case + discussion (Optimal treatment outcomes, treatment decision rationale, patient preparation, AE handling, considerations in adjuvant vs metastatic setting)
Clinical case presentation: Dr. Heather Shaw Case discussion/Q&A: Dr. Gustav Ullenhag
18:25 – 18:30
Closing remarks
SE2105057554 (5 maj 2021)

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