Webcast: Breast cancer care after the pandemic


The pandemic has been constantly present for almost a year.
Vaccines have been developed at a speed that was unheard of.
Looking back at this unusual year – what are the key learnings
for the breast cancer care? Welcome to a Nordic webcast
about breast cancer care in the aftermath of the pandemic.


Experts in the panel will discuss issues such as:

  • How should the issue of undiagnosed patients due to the pandemic be handled?
  • What are the patients experience of the care during the pandemic?
  • Learnings for the future – are there positive consequences?


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Moderator: Johan Ahlgren, Sweden
Head of clinic/Associate professor oncology. Johan is the head of the regional cancer center (RCC) Mid-Sweden and he has extensive experience of breast cancer care both as a clinician and in his current role.
Peer Christiansen, Denmark
Chairman of the board at The Danish Breast cancer group, Prof. dr. med. Peer Christiansen. Peer Christiansen is a well-known surgeon and chief physician at Aarhus university hospital, and the author of numerous articles. The Danish breast cancer group has since 1976 worked for evidence based guidelines for the optimal diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer across Denmark.
Christina Berger, Finland
Breast cancer specialist nurse in Turku University Hospital.
SE2103187513 (18 mars 2021)

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