Invitation to a streamed lecture on the updated GRAPPA treatment guidelines.
Treatment according to treat-to-target has become an increasingly established approach in the treatment of chronic arthritis in rheumatology. When treating psoriatic arthritis, it is important to consider that the disease may affect both joints and skin, but can also give rise to enthesitis, dactylitis, axial disease, and nail psoriasis, where these disease manifestations show varying responses to different types of anti-rheumatic treatment.

The GRAPPA treatment guidelines were developed by an international group of rheumatologists and dermatologists and focus on the different domains of the disease and its different responses to anti-rheumatic medication in order to facilitate the treatment of psoriatic arthritis according to the treat-to-take principle. Furthermore, as the number of treatment options have increased over the last years, the GRAPPA guidelines have recently been updated, taking into account both new evidence in treatment as well as various co-morbidities which may influence the choice of treatment.

Novartis is happy to invite to a lecture with Professor in Rheumatology, Laura Coates at Oxford University, UK who is a member of the steering committee of the GRAPPA group, who will give a lecture on the updated GRAPPA guidelines.

Participation in the meeting requires approval from the head of department. Participation in the meeting is free of costs.


Thomas Mandl
Medical Leader Rheumatology
Novartis Sweden AB



Thomas Mandl, Medical Leader, Novartis Sverige AB
The updated GRAPPA treatment guidelines, including 15 min Q&A
Professor Laura Coates, Oxford University, UK
Laura Coates, Oxford University, UK
Laura Coates is a member of the steering committee of the GRAPPA group

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Registration: 2021-12-02 streamed lecture on the updated GRAPPA treatment guidelines


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