Expert opinions on the diagnostic criteria, disease activity measures and treatment recommendations in patients with AOSD are shared. The role IL-1 inhibitors in achieving sustained disease remission and tapering the use of corticosteroids in patients with AOSD is also presented. 

Total length of recording approx. 40 min: Presenters and disclosures at 2:00 mins, lectures at 4:00 mins, Q&A at 30:00 mins.

Prof. Eugen Feist is head of the rheumatology clinic in Magdeburg, Germany. He is an international expert in the field of autoinflammatory rare diseases and is involved in numerous studies. Professor Feist has been involved in the development of multiple key publications, including the recent German Society of Rheumatology S2 guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of AOSD.

Prof. Luca Cantarini is Associate Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Siena, Italy. His research activities are focused on autoinflammatory diseases, and he is the founder and coordinator of the international Autoinflammatory Diseases Alliance (AIDA) Network and Principal Investigator of the international AIDA Registries for monogenic and multifactorial autoinflammatory disorders, which involve 178 institutions from across 41 countries. 

SE2309226001 (22 September 2023)