An educational webinar about Inherited Retinal Dystrophies (IRD) and the importance of genetic testing. The target audience are ophthalmologists with an interest to learn more about IRDs and to better understand what a genetic diagnosis means for both patients and physicians.

Speakers are Prof. Ragnheidur Bragadottir, Ullevål Unviersity Hospital, Oslo and Dr. Mette Bertelsen, Kennedy Centret, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen who share their expertise in the field.

Prof. Bragadottir provides an overview of the most common IRDs, the symptoms to look out for and how to make an accurate clinical diagnosis. We also get a brief overview of the current treatment options.

Dr Bertelsen explains the fundamentals of genetic testing and what information a test can, and cannot, provide. She discusses the importance of understanding the molecular cause of disease and share learnings from the national Danish RP registry.

SE2303060732 (6 mars 2023)